General FAQ

Q: How do I get verified?
A: Verification is currently used to establish authenticity of identities of key individuals and brands on Fyuse. Currently, we don't accept verification requests from the general public.

Q: What is an echo?
A: An echo is like a retweet or a reblog. Fyuses you echo will show up in the feeds of users who follow you.

Q:  Why do I see posts in my feed from users I don't follow?

A: Your feed shows you people you follow, posts they echo, and Featured Fyuses.

You can turn off featured fyuses in:
(iOS) Profile -> Settings -> Advanced Options -> Show featured entires

(Android) Profile -> Settings -> Show featured entries

Q: How do I add fyuses to a gallery? (iOS)


A: Anything in the feed can be added to an existing gallery by clicking the Echo button and tapping a gallery name...

Or it can be added to a new gallery by tapping "New gallery".

Q: Does this app play sound?
A: At the moment there is no sound associated with a fyuse, but we'd love to hear suggestions on how you'd like audio to be integrated.

Q: How do I delete a published fyuse?
A: To delete a fyuse you've published, view the published version in full screen. Tap the ●●● icon at the top and select the delete option. 

Q: How can I make my account private?
A: You can read our Privacy tutorial here: Fyuse Basics: Private Fyuses

Q: How can I find my friends on the app?
A: You can search for your friends by name in Explore. (iOS only:) You can also find  Facebook and Twitter friends via Profile -> Find Friends.

Searching for friends by Contacts, Instagram, and more coming soon!

Q: How can I share to other social networks?
A: (iOS only:) You can share any post in the feed to Twitter or Facebook by tapping the action Icon (●●●) -> "Share."

You can also share to other networks, by tapping the action Icon (●●●) -> "Copy direct link."

Q: I'm still having trouble with the app, how can I learn more?
A: To help show off various Fyuse features, we're creating a number of tutorial blog posts. You can check them out here.