Fyuse for iOS

Fyuse for iOS FAQ

This list of Frequently Asked Questions is tailored towards users of Fyuse for iOS. For other questions, please see the General FAQ.

Q: Why does Fyuse only work on an iPhone 4s (and above)?
A: Our app uses state of the art technology to figure out how the phone is moving while you record. Certain older iPhone models are a bit too slow to support this. We hope to optimize the process so the iPhone 4 can be supported, but in the meantime we appreciate your patience.

Q: I'm getting the message "Unfortunately, we couldn't get any motion data from your phone. This is likely a hardware issue." when trying to Fyuse. What does it mean?
A: This error message usually means that one of the sensors in your iPhone is not functioning properly. You can check the status of your sensors with Data Collection Free. The app will display live data coming from your iPhone's Acceleration, Gyro, and Magnetometer sensors.

If any of these sensors return zero values, your IMU is defective and you should take your device into an Apple Store to be looked at.