General FAQ

Q: How do I get verified?
A: Verification is currently used to establish authenticity of identities of key individuals and brands on Fyuse. Currently, we don't accept verification requests from the general public.

Q: What is an echo?
A: An echo is like a retweet or a reblog. Fyuses you echo will show up in the feeds of users who follow you.

Q:  Why do I see posts in my feed from users I don't follow?

A: Your feed shows you people you follow, posts they echo, and Featured Fyuses.

You can turn off featured fyuses in:
(iOS) Profile -> Settings -> Advanced Options -> Show featured entires

(Android) Profile -> Settings -> Show featured entries

Q: How do I add fyuses to a gallery? (iOS)


A: Anything in the feed can be added to an existing gallery by clicking the Echo button and tapping a gallery name...

Or it can be added to a new gallery by tapping "New gallery".

Q: Does this app play sound?
A: At the moment there is no sound associated with a fyuse, but we'd love to hear suggestions on how you'd like audio to be integrated.

Q: How do I delete a published fyuse?
A: To delete a fyuse you've published, view the published version in full screen. Tap the ●●● icon at the top and select the delete option. 

Q: How can I make my account private?
A: You can read our Privacy tutorial here: Fyuse Basics: Private Fyuses

Q: How can I find my friends on the app?
A: You can search for your friends by name in Explore.

On iOS, you can tap the top left icon in the feed to open the Find Friends screen. Here you will see tabs that let you find friend from Facebook and Twitter.

Q: How can I share to other social networks?
A: View a published fyuse in full screen and tap the ●●● icon at the top of the fyuse. This will open the sharing menu. Here you will find a number of services and social networks that you can share to.

If you do not see a service in the list, you can select the "copy" option to copy a link to the published fyuse. Any user you share the link with can view the fyuse in our web viewer.

Q: I'm still having trouble with the app, how can I learn more?
A: To help show off various Fyuse features, we're creating a number of tutorial blog posts. You can check them out here.