Fyuse at New York Fashion Week

Written by Ryan Chua

Most people do not realize that during New York Fashion Week, there are actually two types of shows - the runway shows that happen inside Lincoln Center and the streetstyle action that happens outside on the streets of New York City. Right before a show, photographers brave the freezing cold to eagerly capture fashion bloggers flocking to Lincoln Center dressed in their best winter style. Sometimes watching this action unfold becomes a show in itself as photographers create a firing squad-like line to capture the streetstyle that happens in-between fashion shows.

I am actually one of those photographers that capture streetstyle shots of my favorite bloggers and other fashion icons that grace Lincoln Center. It's not an easy task competing with other photographers to get the best shot, nor is it fun to stay out in the cold for long periods of time, but is a very rewarding task when you get to capture the moment.

Photographers are always ready to shoot at any moment's notice!

Here is fashion blogger Paola Alberdi of showing off her winter look.

Spotted fashion blogger Kristen Lam checking out the streetstyle scene as well.

Hope you enjoyed these shots!