Camelia Skikos and Fyuse on LA Times

This past weekend, fashion designer Camelia Skikos presented at the Los Angeles Fashion Week - Concept Show with Menswear designer Dahae Kim of Whichkim. The Fyuse Team was also present to support Camelia as one of her sponsors for the presentation. We were more than ecstatic to find an LA Times article praising Camelia Skikos' designs and a feature on the Fyuse app with CEO Radu Rusu explaining how the app works to LA Times writer Adam Tschorn. Please check out the full story here: LA Times Fashion

To see more photos from the show: Click Here.


Fyuse at New York Fashion Week

Written by Ryan Chua

Most people do not realize that during New York Fashion Week, there are actually two types of shows - the runway shows that happen inside Lincoln Center and the streetstyle action that happens outside on the streets of New York City. Right before a show, photographers brave the freezing cold to eagerly capture fashion bloggers flocking to Lincoln Center dressed in their best winter style. Sometimes watching this action unfold becomes a show in itself as photographers create a firing squad-like line to capture the streetstyle that happens in-between fashion shows. 

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